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Dear Parents,

You should have

e-flash cards! Why?


Ask yourself these questions

» Do you want your child to cope well at kindergarten?

» Do you want them to feel confident and capable at school?

Or do you want them to be anxious, stressed out and isolated because they are so far behind the other children?

If you answered YES to the

first two questions and NO to the

third, then read on to learn how the

e-Flash Cards

will help your child.



My Glenn Doman and Shichida method 

e-Flash Cards Program,

100% Can Help Your babies,

toddlersyoung children

and even kids with autism

Absorb Vast Amounts

Information and Images

During The Early Years of Life.


I’ve Seen Enough  Please Let Me In!”…


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e-Flash cards is a preschool words flash cards system with picture and audio designed for all dedicated parents the tool required to cultivate highly intelligent, enormously capable and delightful children.

e-Flash cards used in teaching your babies, toddlers, young children and even kids with autism to read are extremely simple. They are based on many years of work on the part of very large teams of child brain develop mentalists who studied how the human brain grows and functions.

They are designed in complete recognition of the fact that reading is a brain function. They recognize the capabilities and limitations of the tiny child’s visual apparatus and are designed to meet all of his needs from visual crudeness to visual sophistication and from brain function to brain learning.

e-Flash cards is also called electronic Bit of Intelligence card. It is using an accurate drawing or illustration or excellent quality photograph. It has certain important characteristics. It must be precise, discrete, non-ambiguous, and new for children.


DomanFlashCards.Com create e-flash card and makes these visual materials available to you by our experienced and qualified right brain teachers that are trained in United States of America.

Once you begin to teach your child to read, you will find that your child goes through e-flash cards very quickly. No matter how often we emphasize this point with parents, they are always astonished at how quickly their children learn.

We discovered a long time ago that it is best to start out ahead. For this reason, make at least a package of e-flash cards before you actually begin to teach your child. Then you will have an adequate supply of new material on hand and ready to use.

Not everyone can manage to send their children to daycare, nursery school, or preschool. But everyone CAN help kick start their child’s education with The e-flash cards.


 “Okay! Please Let Me In!”…


So what’s so good about these

method for preschool?

Here are some of the benefits you will gain from using the preschool lessons in the e-flash cards Series, upon completion of the course, your child will be able to:

Recognize and pronounce over 3000 English words, 5000

   Chinese Characters.

Builds your child’s math aptitude and reasoning abilities.


Express one’s thoughts clearly, effectively and confidently.


Read elementary level story books.


Interact in social settings in class and at play.


Easily adapt and follow instructions and language lessons at Primary level.

Inside the e-flash cards program:-

» You child will learn daily lessons over 12 months shows over 40 themes, 3000 English words, 5000 Chinese Characters and 3600 pictures.

» Randomized sequence of words or pictures for each session to sustain your child’s attention level.

» Consistent and accurate pre-recorded pronunciation.

» Consistent flashing timing for each word or picture to optimize the

   retention level of the child to enhanced the focus.

» Easily repeat with just few mouse clicks.


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